14 January 2011

A blast from the past; Drawing Fashion @ The Design Museum

Antonio, Karl Lagerfeld, Vogue France, 1972; Francois Berthoud, Loves me, Loves me not, Myla UK, 2001; Mats Gustafson, ‘Red Dress’, Yohji Yamamoto, 1999 Watercolour

Everyone has the opportunity to ogle at some outstanding fashion illustration, curated by Joelle Chariau of Galerie Bartsch & Chariau gallery in Munich. The collection is made up of 150 pieces out of a collection of over 1000. The illustrations have been curated from 20th and 21st centuries and they are all exquisite. The exhibition includes drawings from Chanel, the late Alexander Mcqueen, Dior and many others.

Antonio, Joanne Landis Carnegie Hall Studio, New York Times Magazine, 1967

As you walk around the exhibition, you get the feel of the illustrations evolving. It is apparent when cameras were invented, as the illustrations become more abstract, and less life like, they become what you would never be able to capture in a photo. 

Antonio, Lingerie, Elle France, 1966

 The drawings are beautiful in a way that a photo can never be. The exhibition left me wondering why there isn't more fashion illustration around. The essence that a great drawing leaves you with is much stronger than the essence from a great photo.

BĂ©rard, Lanvin, Vogue France, 1937

The exhibition is on display at the Design Museum until 6th March, so there's still plenty of time left to see it. Anyone who is even slightly passionate about style, fashion or drawing should take a look - you can't help but leave feeling inspired.


Someone asked whether I had done anything like this myself and whilst these are only a few of my AS Textiles designs, I thought I could put them up for the person to see anyway. Plus I like to pretend I can do almost everything....

Facemot said...

very artistic, whether it made you own?

James said...

'The drawings are beautiful in a way that a photo can never be.'

I must, I must take offence at that Millie.

s. said...

I wish I was in Europe! Thank you for sharing the information and images though. The Yamamoto watercolour (the illusion of movement!) and the candy-coloured work from 1966 are divine. Your illustrations are interesting too :)

I'm following your blog!
- s.

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