6 January 2011

And the worst bits...

With the good bits come the bad. 2010 had some truly shocking moments. They made us laugh, some made us cry and others astonished everyone around the world. Here are my worst bits of 2010.

Worst dressed

What was she thinking? Lady Gaga's fashion sense this year has gone from interesting, to bad, to worse. This meat outfit at the MTV awards in September shocked many. There went the entirety of Gaga's vegetarian fans down the drain. Gaga claims she never wears 'normal' clothes, not even just bumming around her house. She even goes to yoga classes in her gaga outfits and nine inch platforms. She deserves respect for the effort that she goes to in order to stand out, but with her album reaching number 1 in 6 different country, I don't think the effort is really needed. Hopefully 2011 will see her tone down her dress sense.

Worst TV personality

Poor Konnie. Blue Peter to the Xtra Factor would be a big jump for anyone but she managed to screw it up royally. The shows featured blunder after blunder. She asked the judges awkward questions live on TV, the expression you got to see most weeks on Simon's face, as he struggled to answer an inappropriate question, was priceless. I'm not a Holly Willoughby fan but compared to Konnie, Holly seems like the funniest, least cringe-worthy person on earth. For once, even Cheryl would manage to grow a pair and make a decision. So sorry Konnie, but that's 4 no's. 

Worst Couple

This year has been a sad year for celebrity relationships. In February, TIger Woods confessing to cheating with 120 woman whilst being married to Elin Nordegren. In September, Wayne Rooney cheated on Coleen Rooney with a £1K a night prostitute, whilst Coleen was pregnant with his son. Vernon Kay sent sex texts to five different women. Surely these men would realise they are celebrities, so when the shit hits the fan, not only does his partner/wife find out, the entire world does too. The worst relationship this year goes to David Arquette and Courteney Cox. They had been married for 11 years and then they shock the world with the announcement of their split, leaving people's faith in marriage in tatters. Cox slated him and stated that she was fed up of being treated like his mother and in return, Arquette told the world that they hadn't had sex for 4 months. A bitchy break up with far too much information that anyone really needs.

Worst News
Alexander Mcqueen with Naomi Campbell (left) and Kate Moss (right)

This was another close call. Michael Jackson's death swept a cloud of sadness all across the world. The King of Pop had died. I decided that due to Michael's many 'issues' such as being investigated for child molestation and his Vitiligo disease, which was apparently the cause of him turning white skinned from black, that Lee Mcqueen was the saddest news of this year. And the worst news possible for the fashion industry. I was at work when I heard it on the news. I wanted to cry. As many people actually did. He was the king of design and extremely successful. His clothes were unique. His love for his mother was so great that when his mother died, he could no longer cope and he committed suicide on 11th February 2010. The most devastating day of the year for every fashion lover and everyone in the fashion industry.

Worst Quote

This one goes to Gaga as well. "I have this weird thing that if I sleep with someone they’re going to take my creativity from me through my vagina." Are you sure you didn't mean penis Gaga? Either way, what an idiot.
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