5 January 2011

2010's best bits.

This is a belated blog seeing as we are now 5 days into 2011. Nevertheless, it is always important to look back to be able to move forward, so that you can learn from the mistakes and triumphs of others. 2010 was full of great fashion, fashion disasters, beautiful bags, fantastic couples and shocking splits. Here are my 2010 best bits.

Best Dressed

Bodysuit by YSL, ring by Stephen Webster, shoes by Balenciaga.

Without a doubt, the best dressed woman of the year was Georgia Jagger. She only just turned 18in May yet she is already a muse for all in the fashion industry. Being the youngest daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, Georgia was given a foot in the door in 2009 into the fashion industry. She became Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards 2009. She has her mother's supermodel legs and her father's lips and the combination of their sexuality and power to seduce. She has made her gappy teeth so stylish that people are actually paying for their teeth to be pulled apart to create a gap - they are obviously slightly mental but it just shows the effect Georgia has managed to have upon the world this year! She is never seen with a hair out of place and her clothes are always fabulous.

Best TV Personality

To everyone who thinks I am just kissing her arse because of having worked at hers over New Year - the experience only made me want to kiss it more. 2010 has been Davina's year. Big Brother went out fantastically even though the last few series had flopped. Viewers for the last show peaked at 4.6m. 2010 has seen Davina host The Million Pound Drop and Got to Dance and release a new fitness DVD. She is bubbly and loud. You get everything off air with her that you do on air. And what's more, she is a fantastic mother.

 Best Couple

David and Victoria Beckham for Armani

Beckham is making a loan move to Tottenham and Victoria is on Vogue's cover this month. This couple are the utmost 'wannabe' couple of 2010. They have masses of success between them but with their success' there have been countless adultery claims. Victoria has managed to ignore all of these claims over her husband and their relationship appears to be as strong as ever. With a joint estimated wealth of £125m, this couple has everything they could want; excessive amounts of money, love, children, friends and great careers. To think about where they started in life, to where they are now, can be seen as an inspiration to everyone.

Best Makeover

Clair Nasir, The 5ft weather girl, who told how she once ballooned to a 12st size 16, was tipping the scales at 10st 4lb in July.But three such training sessions each week, combined with a low-calorie diet has helped her reduce that to just over 9st. However, the after photo (above) shows that there must have been even more weight loss as no 5ft person weighing 9st looks as good as she does. Runner up for this one was Kerry Katona. 2010 saw Kerry come back having lost weight with a new haircut. Shame the weight loss was the only loss Kerry achieved - she is just as annoying as ever.

Best accessory

Alexa Chung modelling the 'Alexa' Mulberry bag

Who doesn't want this bag? The Alexa Mulberry bag is a small shoulder bag that has been inspired by and named after effortlessly chic presenter and model Alexa Chung. A cross between the Mulberry Bayswater and the Mulberry men's briefcase, this bag was the ultimate must have bag of 2010. Nothing about this bag can be criticised except the price. And that only gets criticised because I can't afford it! It retails at £766. 

Best News Coverage

We came, we saw, we didn't conquer. We did definitely conquered London for several days even if we didn't conquer the Government's decision. The student protests achieved maximum coverage, maximum damage but almost a minimum outcome. Whilst the protests made news over and over again, they did not manage to achieve what all the students wanted - for University fees not to be risen to up to £9000, starting in 2012. Anyway, everyone in the London protests did students all over the country proud. We stood up, spoke up and were heard by many. 

Best Quote

This goes hands down to Jamie T, at Brixton Academy at the begininng of 2010, who ended the show on "If I'd knew it was gonna be this kind of party, I would have stuck my dick in the mash potata."

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