August 1, 2015

Fashion | Events | H&M Pop Up Party

Thursday nights are always manic when it comes to industry parties. You can find yourself trawling across from mayfair to soho to Shoreditch within a couple of hours and covering five parties, chatting to a lot of new people who's names all end up blurring into one. The trick is knowing how to pick the good ones.

Last Thursday saw us head to Shoreditch to quickly nip into one party before picking our more permanent spot for the evening at the H&M Divided pop up store at the Old Truman Brewery. I couldn't have done a pre event post with out filling in all of the post event details so here's what went down.

The pop up has resident DJs throughout its duration. We were in luck on Thursday night as Nasty McQuaid was there prepared to get us onto our feet and throwing shapes around the H&M store. We browsed the store, drink in hand - obviously managing to pick up a few H&M Divided pieces a long the way.

The time came to close up shop and with that we headed back central to some other shindig that went on until the early hours. Thursdays aren't so bad when you work in fashion. Fridays however...

This post was written in collaboration with H&M. You can also attend H&M's pop up parties - head to over to the sign up page on Noisey. Come down to next event with Annie Oh on August 6th for some drinks and a chance to win H&M vouchers.

July 29, 2015

Fashion | I Wear Clothes | Havaianas SS15

SS15 Collection Havaianas* | Topshop Boutique skirt | Acne tee | Diesel rucksack*

This morning as I sat and edited these photos the overcast, grey skies left gentle rain pattering against the window, making frolicking around in my new Havaianas on Rye Habour beach last week seem a million miles away.

Unlike our British weather, Brazilian flip flop brand Havaianas and their iconic rubber flip-flops are something I've relied on since I was a child. Every year saw my mother arrive home at the end of Spring with a new style to pack away in our suitcases to take with us to the South of France yet, it wasn't until the brand got in touch that I decided to delve into their history. It turns out that Havaianas have been freeing toes and protecting feet from pebbles and what not on beaches summer after summer since 1962.

This summer is looking to be a little more eventful than any before. Havaianas are bringing beach showers to beaches of their most popular countries, even including Newquay in the UK. A beach, summer and a giant flip flop shower? Literally just think of the Instagram opportunities...

This post was written in collaboration with Havaianas. Showers will also be spread across Europe at beaches in France (Nice, Anglet, Big Festival Biarritz), Spain (Ibiza, Tarifa, Portugal (Troia) and Italy (Riccone).

July 27, 2015

Fashion | I Wear Clothes | Back Then

Acne vest top | Vintage Fred Perry skirt | Adidas Originals Superstars* | Urban Outfitters socks

Photographs: Toni Tran

It's been two years this month since I moved to East Dulwich after getting back from an unreal few months living in New York. Last week was the first time I've ever ventured up to the Horniman museum, which is only a ten minute walk from our house, to look around the gardens. 

There are so many hidden gems right before our eyes that we fail to see on a daily basis. Why is that? Whether it's places, people or moments, London is so hectic, we miss things without realising it. Wouldn't have it any other way though, obviously. 


As for Back Then, it might not be a new track but I've been mesmerised by this Skepta song for the past month and there doesn't seem to be any slowing down on pressing that repeat button - what with the rare vintage piece in this post, it seemed fitting. All we need now is another #ShutdownShoreditchGathering please Skepta, cheers.