Throwback to summer

American Apparel suede skirt* | Boohoo top | Nike AM95 iDs*

Photographs by Wyatt Dixon

The crisps leaves crunching beneath your feet and the variety of colours covering the pavements are upon us. And here I am, behind on posts still pumping out content shot in summer. One can reminisce though, right?

I stumbled across this denim top number on ASOS and found myself purchasing my first thing from Boohoo ever and to be honest, I love the it but my suspicions were right. Call me a snob but it was badly made and the quality isn't great. It's quite literally throw away fashion and there are so many problems within the industry because of consumers buying into these cheap, disposable clothes but, to be honest, that's another much more serious conversation for another time.

Shop the look below.


Picking The Right Trainer

For me, it's the trainers that I'm wearing make or break a run. If I'm tired I can ignore it and push through. If my body aches, I know there's a bath waiting for me at the end. If I get a stitch, I'm aware that it's only temporary. But if you pick the wrong running trainer, ultimately you're screwed. Think pain in the sole of your feet, shooting shin splits, dodgy joints etc.

When it comes to running, and picking running trainers, you need to know how you run - i.e. the type of runner you are. This could be anything from falling heavy on the back of you foot to running slightly inwardly, which apparently is something I'm prone to.

The right running trainer also depends on the type of foot you have. Whether it's arched, flat, 'normal', narrow or wide.

The best bet is to head to head to a store where they can analyse all of this for you because at the end of the day, running trainers don't come cheap. They're a solid investment that, should you pick the correct one, better your run and therefore better your wellbeing.

Disclaimer: This post was written in partnership with New Balance

Five Ways To Become A Morning Person

You know what I really dislike about waking up every morning in the winter (bar the sound of my boyfriend's alarm getting snoozed five times rather just once)? I really hate leaving the warm folds of my feather down duvet, which is always so bloody snug around me.

Three years of living in the same house, and I still haven't mastered the very, very confusing device that brings the heating on at a certain time. While there are much bigger problems in the world, the stark cold air that hits me as I unfold myself from my warm cocoon impedes on my ability as a morning person.

In summer, it couldn't be any different. I'm that annoying person who does both mornings and nights. I once joined my housemate on her morning commute and irritated her with my morning chirpiness to the point of her asking me to stop talking until she'd finished her coffee. Sorry Lauren!

Not all of us are lucky enough to be able to getting out of bed to be heading to a yoga and breakfast event with Tempur everyday, as I did earlier this week. With that in mind, bar a great night's sleep, usually with the help of an equally great hybrid mattress, here are my top tips for becoming a morning person:

Have something planned every day that you can look forward to

This sounds like quite a stretch but it could be something as simple as taking time out for half an hour to read a book that you're currently really enjoying, even though work is really busy or you're swamped with house work.

Write a to do list the night before

I bloody love a to do list. Going to sleep having a clear idea of everything that I have to ask of myself the next morning helps me to get out of bed and crack on with it all. Who doesn't love that intensely satisfying feeling of ticking things off.

Meditate in the morning

I do not meditate in the morning - sorry. I have heard it's pretty great though. I've not quite cracked switching off my brain for any longer than ten seconds but do let me know how it goes for you.

Organise everything the night before for an extra ten minutes in bed

It sort of feels like you're winning against yourself when you do this, right?

Morning sex

Is there really any other reason to get up in the morning though...?

Just kidding.

This post is in partnership with TEMPUR, but all thoughts are my own. Check out their website for more information on their mattresses.


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