Unlimited You

Brands who continue to push boundaries, exceed limits and include anyone and everyone, regardless of age, shape or ethnicity, are a brand that I want to be on board with. 

From featuring "non-traditional" body shapes in campaigns to their numerous free exercise classes around London and other cities world wide, Nike are pioneers of both the professional athlete and the every day athlete. We have bodies, and therefore to Nike we are all athletes. 

That's a mantra that needs to be voiced  more loudly. Our bodies are limitless. One day you might run faster, the next you might run further and the next steeper. There's no limit on improvement.

Last week Nike created an exercise space in Shoreditch, the heart of London's creative scene, like never seen before. The Old Truman Brewery was transformed into two uniques, both designed to push each athlete that entered to their limit. 

The first paired a Kobox class with a Nike Running Club session. There's nothing more I love then to let off steam every now and again with a punch bag (see video below for proof, lol). Cheaper then therapy and an intensive workout - what more could you want.

For the HIIT lovers, a Barry's bootcamp class followed by a Nike Training Club session was the other journey on offer. 

Both workouts were accompanied by live performances from Heritage Orchestra, heightening senses and stimulating endurance.

All in all, a staggering 2000 athletes, of all levels, worked out in the space provided by Nike over three days. 

My fitness journey began a few years back with Nike and, luckily ever since, they've continued to encourage me, as they do with so many others, but not only as an athlete but as a blogger and a DJ too. Once again, they pushed me out of my comfort zones, asking me to take part in a video that fully showcased the immersive Limited You experience and I could't feel happier and more privileged to have been included. Watch the full 'Limitless' video, created by directing duo BIF, below.



What I eat Pre and Post Workout

To cut a long story short, and to state the obvious, what you fuel your body with is important. It takes a certain type of person to consider food 'fuel' but essentially, that's exactly what it is whether you do or don't work out. Food is to the body what petrol is to a car - we need it in order for our bodies to work and to stay alive.

Firstly, it's probably important for me to clarify that when it comes down to nutrition, I'm not qualified to tell you what to eat. I am well-informed and well-read on the matter though so and taking a look in to what other people eat is always interesting anyway, right?

I could and probably should meal prep, but I don't. In all honesty, I hate the idea of having to decline a last minute dinner with a friend or a spontaneous picnic to have to stick to macros - while I love to exercise and I try to look after my body as much as possible, for me, life's too short. If that's your thing, you do you obviously.

I'm sure most of you have seen my New Balance #IAmtheCompetition campaign by now. Essentially the campaign highlights that we are as great as we let ourselves be, without the need to compare ourselves to each other. There is room for improvement every day, and nutrition is a great place to start with making some easy and obvious changes.What you eat makes a huge difference to the way your body operates.

Below are my favourite pre and post workout meals. They are nutritious, filling and, most importantly, satisfying.

The Breakfast Smoothie

Serves two:

One banana
Three handfuls of frozen berries
One tablespoon of no added sugar peanut butter (Pip & Nut / Whole Earth)
Three tablespoons Innermost Lean Vanilla protein
Two handfuls of spinach
Two teaspoons of organic spirulina powder
400ml coconut water/water

These smoothies are filling and rich in vitamin B12, magnesium and also a really great source of fibre. I can't recommend owning a Nutribullet enough to honest.

I'd suggest leaving at least an hour and a half before hitting the gym after drinking one of these.

Post Workout 

Serves One:

Half an avocado
A handful of plum tomatoes
Two pieces of bacon (or turkey bacon if you prefer a leaner meat)
A handful of mushrooms sliced
Two handfuls of spinach
One egg

Seasoning -

Chilli flakes and pepper to season
A dash of olive oil
Lemon juice

This is my all time favourite quick recipe. Cut it all to size preference, splash a bit of olive oil in a pan and starting with the bacon, throw everything in - bar the egg and avocado. Once it's cooked, toss the egg through the ingredients for around thirty seconds. Pop it all on a plate and season with chilli flakes, lemon juice and pepper to your taste. It's filling, quick and delicious.

This post was written in partnership with New Balance. You can read more about the I am the Competition campaign here.

ASOS Petite

ASOS Petite trousers and choker* | Forever 21 top* | Adidas slides* | Ray-Ban sunglasses via The Sunglass Hut*

Photographs by Toni Tran

My all time favourite get up tends to consist of a wide, high-waisted trouser and, depending on the weather, skin tight crop or body. There's a a lot to be said for dressing for your body type. I come in at child-size five foot one, size 8 and, as you've no doubt noticed, bigger up top than average for my frame. There's no chance of me in the average length trouser but fortunately, there are some cracking petite sections on the high street. If it's petite and high-waisted, there's a high chance I'm a fan. 

In my opinion, the wider the trouser, the more wild the party - and yes, I did just repeat a recent instagram caption of mine. Am I sorry? Not a chance - sorry.



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