The Product Everyone Needs Post-Workout

This morning I was introduced to something of a revelation to include in my beyond basic make up routine. Hear me out, this isn't #sp.

I work out hard. And when I work out hard, I sweat profusely. I can shower, towel down, drink cold water but the red and the sweat keeps on coming.

I wear little make up but even that's a no go for at lease an hour after class. Even then, because my skin is hot and flushed, the powder that I use to de-shine makes my face feel clogged and quite frankly, it all goes to shit.

Smashbox's Photo Finish Primer Stick absorbs oil. I have no idea how that's physically possible but it works like a dream.

The Photo Finish Primer Stick can be worn both alone, to mattify your skin post-workout and hot weather shine, or under foundation. And like all good bases, my make up slided on like a dream after applying the primer stick.

The Smashbox Primer Stick costs £22 and you can buy it here.

Other Smashbox Products I'm a fan of: 


How To Stay Productive #NowItsSummer

As soon as the sun beams through my bedroom window in the morning, my urge to cancel everything that isn't lying next to a lido or in the park, with an obligatory cold cider in hand at all times, is stupidly strong.

Forget that 10am exercise class because skipping one won't hurt, right? Those emails can wait until this evening when the sun goes down, yeah? And who needs to do their washing when all you need in the sun is a bikini and the same pair of shorts everyday anyway.

If I could have it my way, that'd be exactly how it went down but one but we're all grown ups here - just because the sun is out, that doesn't excuse our never ending workload/gym classes/washing etc from getting done.

Let loose, have a laugh and one or two more glasses than you probably should on a school night but don't let everything go totally down the pan, you know? Balance etc.

I've hunted down the bits I need on Amazon to keep me on the productivity bandwagon this summer because, quite frankly, last summer was all of the fun but minutely disastrous for some of the other things I value. I learnt the hard way that you can't drink copious amounts of wine on a roof terrace every night it's sunny and then expect to be able to stay healthy and focused. Who would have ever guessed.

Stay Fit

This is the one that went most wrong for me last summer. I got a new boyfriend and with it a whole new set of priorities, the latter mainly including spontaneous festivals and days out and shoving my exercise regime to the back of my mind.

Exercise and having a body that I feel proud of is extremely important to me yet, one summer on, I'm still dealing with the damage.

PRAISE BE the Fitbit - apologies if you don't get the reference. If you do, I'm literally obsessed.

Having it all down in black in white (obviously meaning the Fitbit app on my phone but what's the difference these days) is fascinating.

Not only does my Fitbit tell me the time but this watch lookalike can tell me how fast my heart is beating, how far I've walked and minutes spent active, how much I'm sleeping, and, as long as I input the data, everything from the litres of water I've drunk to my daily calorie input/output and macros - none of which I've ever been arsed with keeping track of.

I'm competitive - mainly furiously with myself - so I don't want to walk any less than the day before. Onwards and upwards, all thanks to this tiny gadget around my wrist 24/7.

Stay Healthy 

To state the absolute obvious, what you put into your body is what you're going to get out. Juicing is my new favourite way to get my fruit and veg quickly and conveniently. The amount of juice you can get from just a carrot has me in awe.

The Philips juicer from Amazon is easy to use and quick to wash. I've never had a juicer before so I've got nothing to go in comparison but reviews insist this is one of the easiest to clean out of them all.

It's little time and fuss for a lot of vitamins and taste. What a dream.

I've been experimenting with fruits and flavours and so far my favourite juice has consisted of:

4 Apples
1 Orange
1 Peach
1 Carrot

And that made about two glasses of juice so, it's perhaps not the cheapest but it doesn't get any fresher.

Look Good, Feel Good

I don't know about you but the way I dress and the effort I spend on my appearance is very much correlated with how I'm feeling.

 But HEY, there are obvious reasons why retail therapy is called retail therapy. You can push through some negative feelings with a great outfit or hairstyle.

An easy beach wave is an obvious but, nevertheless, easy and exciting enough hairstyle to get you through summer. You can even chuck a few plaits in it if you fancy. Innovational, I know.

Amazon and Babyliss have you covered with these curlers, which will help you win the 'no effort, no fuss' hair game. Get some dry shampoo in and it'll last you for days.

Disclaimer: This post was written in partnership with Amazon.

How to do festivals on the cheap

Festival season is well and truly up on us. Last year I 'glamp'ed for the first time ever; real beds, showers and clean toilets. What a luxury that was. This year it's back to usual waking up at 8am in a stifling tent with condensation on the walls and a damp floor. Woe is me. 

Festival camping for 3+ days can be bearable if you bring the right kit with you. The essentials are expensive though, so I've spent the past day or so researching how to do a festival on the cheap because, quite frankly, who doesn't want to save money where possible?

Skimping on drinks and food is easy. Packing baby wipes, cereal bars, apples, bananas, big bottles of water, some beers and vodka in water bottles (no glass is allowed) cuts costs massively. 

For all my other essentials, this year I headed to Gumtree to pick up the bits I need second hand. There's no point of buying certain things new when they're more than likely going to come back coated in mud, or worst situation, lost in the middle of crowd.

Hunter Wellies - £90 on ASOS vs £30 on Gumtree

If you're off to a UK festival, Sod's law, it'll rain at some point. Hunter wellies are a festival must-have and the saving between the high street and a brand new looking pair on Gumtree is huge. They're three times the price to buy them brand new. That's £60 that will easily pay for your food over the three days.

6000mAh Portable Charger - £30 Amazon vs £8 on Gumtree

You can't not take a portable charger or three. For festivals, 6000mAh for a charger is the minimum needed. It gives your phone three charges, which is perfect for the long weekend. Picking one up on Gumtree is a third less than retail price!

Ray-bans - from £100 on ASOS vs £25 on Gumtree

Call me stupid for taking expensive sunglasses to a festival but that's just how I like to do it. At £25 on Gumtree, surely these Ray-bans don't even count as expensive?

Converse - £50 on ASOS vs £10 on Gumtree

Converse are my favourite trainer for festivals - I can spend hours in them comfortably. No need for a new pair though as feet are likely to get stepped on and again, mud is a given. To be fair though, I managed to find an unworn pair for a tenner on Gumtree anyway.

Levi's shorts - £50 on ASOS vs £10 on Gumtree

Festival outfits for me generally consist of a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and belt. Boring perhaps, but consistent. A good pair of shorts can see you through a couple of days easily, which saves space for other things, i.e. alcohol, in your bag.

Total saved via Gumtree: £237 (which practically pays for your ticket and transport for you!)

Disclaimer: This post was written in partnership with Gumtree.


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