March 1, 2015

Health & Fitness | I Wear Clothes | Nike SS15

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Photographs by Toni Tran

I could try and write many inspirational words about working out but I'll leave that to the professionals. Summer bodies are made in the spring - with the new season rapidly approaching, that's something for us all to keep in mind.

February 26, 2015

Music | Giveaway | Get Ready With H&M

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I don't know about you but I heard Thursday's the new Friday? So, forget about work tomorrow. You may just want to do is put up you're feet but I'm willing you to get up and get out.

Hunt out your fail safe jeans and heels. Take off your make up ready for a fresh layer to be reapplied. Run that eyeliner over the lids of your eyes and mascara onto your lashes. See that wasn't so hard was it?

Grab your nearest and dearest, a bottle of wine and press play on the button below. A few glasses of wine and a quick dance around the living room later (because obviously, it's not just me and the friends I live with that do that) and you're ready to go. It might not be the night of your life but you'll never know if you don't try.

I've even got something a little special to make it a little easier next time. I'm giving away all of the products above - bar the records, soz - which includes jewellery, make up, make up brushes AND the dress that Florrie wore in her H&M campaign. Happy (almost) weekend!

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Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with H&M

February 25, 2015

Health & Fitness | Tried & Tested | Frame with Adidas #workit

The past 6 weeks have been a whirlwind of university work, finishing my final project for my MA and shooting projects I could have only dreamed of. Completely blowing my own trumpets here (sorry, not sorry) but no matter how hectic things have got, I've managed to exercise 5 days out of 7, fitting in new classes to kick start this new Tried & Tested feature to bring you the best of the workouts that London has to offer. With new gyms, workouts and even elite strictly members only classes sprouting all over the place, there's a huge amount of choice in our wonderful city but nothing everything is suited to everyone.

Kicking off this series is Frame. There's two frame studios, one in Shoreditch and the other in Queen's Park. They're mantra is very much along the lines of fitness should be fun, it shouldn't be a chore. With this mantra they offer up classes from the likes of 'Frame Rave', 'Rocket Yoga' and 'Quickie Butts'.

I headed down to Frame as part of an Adidas #workit event and we were treated to an hour long class that featured a variety of what Frame have to offer. To start, we did a series of fun moves to some energetic tunes to warm up. Once we were that bit warmer, that's when the harder work began. The cardio section of the class wasn't hard - it's definitely a place suited to those newer to exercise. Next up we moved onto working out with weights. No matter how hard I work on my upper body, I seem to struggle a bit with weights - it wasn't easy but it wasn't tragically hard either. It was more of a pearls of sweat rather than a red-hot-sweaty sort of situation. The class finished with working on our core with a small, squidgy ball. I easily get distracted, so add anything a little gimmicky and I'm usually found having a bit of a giggle but somehow, my abs still left feeling a little sore.

Overall, I think Frame might be a bit too much 'fun' for me. When it comes to exercise classes, I like hard and fast and I found the class a bit slow so, my concentration drifted and came out feeling like I could have been pushed harder. If I don't come out of a class bright red and dripping with sweat, I don't feel satisfied with the workout but that's just me. It would definitely suit those who prefer a lighter approach to exercise classes, which to be honest is pretty much everyone else!

The Adidas x Frame event was part of Adidas' #workit series. Adidas are offering fans a chance to train virtually with a new videos from the most sought after exercise classes every month via Facebook.