Blogger 101: Kodak Ektra

You know when you learn something and then years later you realise there's a completely different way to do it? That's how I feel about android phones. Slowly but surely I've been learning how to use Kodak's latest tech offering, the Kodak Ektra phone.

The thing about the Kodak Ektra that sets it apart from everything else? It's a camera with a built-in phone, not a smart phone with a decent camera.

From disposable to film to digital, we've all owned a Kodak camera at some point; there's a certain nostalgia to Kodak's Ektra, the phone set to spur Kodak back to being a big player in tech world now as we know it.

To go super tech, the Kodak Ektra's main camera has a 21MP Sony sensor with F2.0 aperture and the front-facing camera comes in at 13MP. To put it in laymen's terms, the iPhone's camera is 12MP and a 7MP front-facing camera.

There are modes akin to that found on a DSLR, all easy to find and easy to adjust - the mode wheel can be found on-screen when taking a photo. Once you've got your image, there's then the option to edit it in Snapseed (because honestly, what else), which is installed in the phone.

Tech stuff aside, I decided to take the Kodak Ektra for the ultimate blogger test because quite frankly, if it doesn't take a good selfie or breakfast pic, then who cares right? Just kidding.

'The #Selfie'

Ah, the #selfie. Probably one of the most important shots in the blogging world and the thing that makes me feel least comfortable about the internet. Selfies are fascinating; in 2017, with the amount of effort and editing put into some, they're essentially the equivalent of a self-portrait oil painting.

Be it in a bathroom, a gym changing room or my horribly dusty hallway, a mirror #selfie is mine and a million other blogger's go-to for showcasing outfits. Using the Kodak Ektra for this one was no hard feat. I set it to auto, clicked to focus on my face and that was that. Good selfies are all down to great lighting anyway, aren't they.

'The Architecture Shot'

We're lucky enough to have some incredibly designed buildings in London and it'd be a waste not to shoot and share them, wouldn't it.

I struggled with getting the lighting right for this shot but the silhouettes created looked pretty cool anyway. Next time I'd make sure to shoot in the manual setting when the light is low.

'The Flatlay/Product Shot'

Crisp product shots and interesting flat lays are another standard blogger go-to.

With so many potential focal points, it was hard to pick a focus point but that's not out of the ordinary with a flat lay or shot including a vast array of products. A little editing on Snapseed brightened and saturated the white table that came out a little dark and made for a cleaner image.

'The Trainer Shot'

There's no doubt that this shot came out better than any trainer pic I've ever taken on my DSLR.

Because of difficulty with angles, getting a good and crisp trainer shot can be a challenge but what with the Kodak Ektra being so light, the shot was a breeze.

'The Brunch Shot'

If you don't document it, did you even eat? Had I of not been in a place where photos are forbidden and had to steal a shot before being told off ( - yeah, really), I think this image would have come out better. So, it seems, I've yet to determine the full potential of the Kodak Ektra when concerning the brunch shot. Watch this space. Lol.

Word is the Kodka Ektra is now available on a monthly contract from Carphone Warehouse and comes with a free tunning leather retro camera case worth £59.99. 

Except for the first image, all images were taken on the Kodak Ektra. I was given the Kodak Ektra from Kodak.


Urban Outfitters ruched tube top & jeans* | Monki top | Nike AF1s | Moschino belt via Farfetch*

Photographs by Lydia Collins

As I sat in Bluetit's ~trendy~ Peckham branch, inches of my wet hair, that had been on my head moments before, were now found across the floor and I tweeted 'Today I am chopping off all my hair which is 1. my pride and joy & 2. my security blanket. C u on the other side of my mid-20s crisis.'

Looking back, I was always good at hair as a kid; I was always the one doing 'up-dos' for mates for the school disco until we hit puberty and the internet happened and then people actually became good at doing hair. Fast forward to 2017 and I'm happy with a rough dry - there's a small chance that I'll give up twenty minutes sleep to curl it, should the occasion be important enough.

My hair may take bloody forever to wash EVERY day, and god forbid the days I go to the gym and end up washing it twice (because I have a memory like a sieve and my hair wash routine in the morning is on auto), but it's the one thing I've never had a hang up about - aside from the year I let a hairdresser dye a small portion of it blue but the less said about that the better tbh. It may not be thick but my god, there are plenty of fine strands. *writes gross joke about length rather than girth*.

There's so much to be said about a new hair colour or style. It can give you an unexpected lease of life and honestly, who doesn't need that in January.

A week and a half on, I have hair up to my shoulders and whilst it took some getting used to, I'm pretty keen on my new hair length.

As for my security blanket? It's been chopped away but, at almost 26, it's probably time I stopped trying to hide behind it anyway.



A denim pinafore married with a white t-shirt make for an easy but effective pairing on a grey day - shop the look by clicking the photos below. There's also a couple of alternatives thrown in too.



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