April 14, 2015

Lifestyle | Bench #LoveMyHood 24 Hour London Guide | Night

Bench skirt & jumper* | Levi's jacket | Nike AF1s*

Most nights start south, whether it's predrinks at ours or a few out in Peckham, then we jump on the overground east. If you happen to fancy following suit, these are the places I'd suggest heading:

Rye Wax
SE15 4UJ

Rye Wax can be found in the basement of Bussey Building - another of my south east favourites. However, unlike Bussey, Rye Wax is more of where the party begins, rather than where it ends. The new space  is a record store but it also has a bar/cafe area. There's a happy hour from 6-8pm where two cocktails will only set you back £8 or you can purchase three Redstripes for a tenner.

Bar Story
SE15 4QL

It's 9pm and things are starting to get a little turnt up. You aren't quite ready to make the leap to Shoreditch yet so, where next? Bar Story sits under Peckham Rye station and bar Frank's in the summer, it's my favourite place to sit and knock back a few, whether it's inside or outside - there's fires to keep you warm outside in the winter. It's simple and it will only ever be whatever you make of it but it's certainly one of Peckham's finest.

Shoreditch House
E1 6AW

Shoreditch House is reserved for those who've battled the panel to gain membership so, apologies in advance for including this one if you aren't a member but honestly, I couldn't not. It's more than likely that you can find a friend of a friend (of a friend etc) who is a member and who can get you in anyway. I've become beyond obsessed with the Eastern Standards. There's many a bottle of wine has been shared, before gorging on the sweets free for all in the hallway, ending in throwing around some shapes in the library.

Dance Tunnel
E8 2PB

Dance tunnel does what it says on the tin. It's small and it's darker than dark. If there's anywhere I feel completely comfortable letting loose, it's in this place. Probably best to get down before 3am though as doors usually shut around then and punters head off to their next venue/chicken shop/night bus home.

Polo 24 Hour Bar

If a Kingsland Road chicken shop isn't quite your scene but you're looking to refuel from a big night, Polo 24 Hour bar is a good alternative. It's a mix up between a greasy spoon cafe and a retro bar. Whether it's another cocktail at midnight, a 2am pie or a fry up come 7am, Polo 24 Hour bar is the place to head to.

Disclaimer: This is part one of two posts written in collaboration with Bench. Check out their #LoveMyHood competition to win a VIP trip to a festival in Spain with £500 spending money and a year long supply of hoodies at lovemyhood.me

April 13, 2015

Health & Fitness | Events | Nike Free TR Flyknit Launch

Nike Free TR Flyknit*

A couple of weeks ago, the Nike girls got some of us up bright and early to work out at Grace Belgravia to try out the new Nike Free TR Flyknit trainer.

Twenty or so of us popped on our Nike Free TR Flyknits and took to the mats, where we were given a full body workout by one of Nike's Master Trainers.

Since, the Free TR Flyknits have become something of my staple indoor workout trainer. The knitted body of the shoe snuggly adapts to the shape of your foot and is incredibly light weight. The sole of the shoe, with its hexagonal flex grooves enable a lot of natural movement, which obviously makes for easier training.

If you're big on studio classes, this is the training shoe for you - they've seen me through many a Fit Hiit and LBT class already.

The Nike Free TR Flyknit costs £105 and comes in four various colour ways. You can purchase a pair here.

April 11, 2015

Music | What To Pack For Coachella with H&M

I like to think I'm no festival novice these days. I've come a long way from my Reading & Leeds festival days where we thought we could survive solely on alcohol for four days, which we obviously didn't. Instead, we forked out more money than we'd bargained for feeding our hangovers on overpriced egg and bacon sandwiches, watching enviously as friends whipped out their camping cookers and cans of all day breakfast.

So, with that in mind and with the fact that it's Coachella next weekend, I've teamed together with H&M to bring you a guide of what to take to Coachella. The key must have is, of course, a festival pass and a plane ticket, which unfortunately I seem to be lacking. However, for all you lucky souls heading to California, here's what I recommend you pack.

Clothes & Accessories

All clothing H&M Loves Coachella*

Obviously. Although, I've heard less is more at Coachella. Also, word on the street is that the festival is just as much about looking the part as it is the music. People are there to be seen and they're all looking good - have you not seen the Vogue street style gallery?

Good news - H&M have released H&M Loves Coachella. The design team have nailed every festival look from the tassels to the flowers to the gold chain headbands. The H&M Loves Coachella pieces don't break the bank either. I picked up a pair of suede shorts for £5.99 - madness.

Unlike the unreliable weather that we face with festivals in the UK, Coachella is likely to get hot so, sunglasses are a must and it would be sensible to accessorise with a hat of some sort too. If you plan to join in the crowd and unless you want your toes, it'd be sensible to stay away from sandals too.


Native Union Switch Speaker* & Jump Charger | H&M Loves Coachella Tee* | Apple iPhone 5s

If you don't document the festival on Instagram, did it really happen? I joke but it's unlikely that you're going to leave your phone at home so make sure to take along a portable charger if you're camping. No one wants to be spending money on that when there are plenty of other things that need paying for. For those down times in the campsite, the Native Union Switch Speaker is perfect to keep the music flowing. The volume goes loud and it's another portable phone charging device too.

It's a good idea to get old school and take along a disposable camera too. No one wants to be that person standing with their phone videoing everything all night long. There's literally nothing worse than having to watch a gig through someone else's phone screen. Put them away and actually experience the music, snapping pics of you and your friends that you can forget about and cherish a couple of weeks later when you get around to developing them.

Skin Care & Cosmetics

Left: Pampers babywipes | Aesop SPF 50 suncream & deodorant | Nip & Fab leg cream* | Bumble & Bumble surf spray* | Label.M dry shampoo* | Tangle Teezer hairbrush | Superdrug hand sanitiser

Right: L'Occitane BB cream* | Benefit 'They're real' eyeliner and mascara* | Stila Stay All Day lipstick | H&M lipgloss & flower headband

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with taking products to a festival. There's always that small part of me that wants to go barefaced and free and then I look in the mirror after the three hours sleep that I've just about managed and I remember why it was totally necessary that I brought them along.

The basics are of course deodorant, sun cream, dry shampoo and anti-bac. Babywipes are a God send, as are those miniatures you can pick up of your favourite products.

When it comes to make up, the less the better. It's going to be hot and you're likely to be out all day with little access to top ups so, brave that bare face. Some BB cream will double up as a suncream, moisturiser and a foundation. Brush on a couple of coats of mascara and a thin line of eyeliner and if you really must, a bright shade of lipstick. Make sure you pick one that lasts though - I can't recommend Stila Stay All Day lipstick enough for its stay power.

Food & Drink

In between all the alcohol you might fancy getting in something a little more nutritional that isn't from a vegan stall that'll leave a burning hole in your pocket. There's heaps of things you can take with you that will last the duration of the festival that aren't crisps, baked beans and bread.

Happy Coachella - we'll all be stuck here at home, scrolling through our instagram feed, green eyed and glum.

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with H&M.